Is It Worth Cleaning Your Air Ducts?

Is It Worth Cleaning Your Air Ducts?

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Let’s take a look at look at what the experts say about air duct cleaning. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association which has a membership of more than 1,000 cleaning organizations nationwide state on their website that while there may be no scientific evidence to support the benefits of cleaning air ducts, it can be said that people have all experienced an array of advantages.Is It Worth Cleaning Your Air Ducts?

What is so bad about cleaning? Think about this. Air ducts are used for heating, air condition (HVAC) and ventilation. They are the gateway for cooled or heated air to travel all throughout your entire home or property - it is the whole circulatory system, acting like mechanical lungs. 

As air moves in and out, it carries dirt, debris and other contaminants that will accumulate over time. Unlike your water filters where you can see debris forming, your air ducts are behind walls, located out of sight and it’s easily neglected. But just like water filters, your air ducts need cleaning because the more it you neglect to clean them, the worse your indoor air quality gets.

And what happens then? The air inside your home will get stuffy, allergies will increase, you’ll find yourself more susceptible to illness, and you will constantly be coughing or sneezing. 

The NADCA recommends cleaning air ducts at least every four to seven years.  If you have asthma or allergies, then get it cleaned at least once a year or once in two years. 

The thing is, air ducts require little maintenance. They don’t get clogged easily or breakdown or malfunction quickly. Because of that, people tend to think that they'll never break down. The truth is that while they don’t break down quickly and have a long life span, they need to be cleaned routinely as explained above.

Cleaning your air ducts when needed depends on several factors such as:

*   High traffic areas in the house

*   Number of pets

*   Smoking & home cleanliness

*   Recent renovations

*   Weather conditions

A good air duct cleaning contractor will be able to offer an overall inspection of your air ducts before proposing any cleaning solution, if needed. Usually, there is a small fee for inspection purposes.

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