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The experience of our company will be invaluable to all of you. Thanks to the thoroughness of our air duct cleaning experts, the great range of services we provide and the quality of our work, your health is ensured. We provide great cleaning services, which don't only involve air ducts but also the HVAC unit, dryer vents, the whole ventilating system and air filters. Our goal is to remove debris, dirt, allergens, fungi and bacteria which are stuck in the ducts over the years and contaminate the air travelling directly to your home. We guarantee quality services thanks to our good work, thoroughness and special machinery.

Dust Is a Constant; It Brooks No Fear or Favor of Nice Neighborhoods

We are excellent professionals because we do responsible work. We offer air duct cleaning services with attention and our company never hesitates to invest in the most powerful and reliable machinery so that the job can be done thoroughly. We own huge and special vacuums with which we meticulously clean air ducts. Our cleaners manage to remove dirt but also bacteria, dust mites and allergens. The services we provide extend to your HVAC unit cleaning and repair needs as well. We take care of the whole system so that you can all enjoy clean indoor environments. We also provide dryer vent air system cleaning and are here to repair dryer vents, ducts and the HVAC unit. We replace air filters and vents and are experts in air duct replacement.

Dust gathers in the air ducts of a ventilation system just as readily except it isn’t seen. You can take our word that three pounds of dust can gather in a single month in a large house and there are several large houses in Lafayette.

There are rarely any outward signs until grime appears on the vent grills and if air fresheners are in constant use the odor of stale air will not be noticed but the reality is that the air coming out into the rooms has been filtered by the dust and will contain germs and bacteria as a result. Stale air is a problem to everyone. We might highlight asthma sufferers but it can pose problems for young and old.

If you contact us we can help with the whole issue of indoor air quality because we will look at the air ducts of a ventilation system from the joints and seals to the ducting itself. Rigid metal ducts rarely fracture so joints and seals are the main issue; flexible ducting is much more prone to damage and where there are tears we will repair them; the rate at which dust and debris can get into air ducts will obviously increase with problems of this kind.

Once we establish that everything within the air ducting is fine, it is a matter of vacuuming all the dust and debris from the air ducts; that includes the grime that might have attached itself to the walls of the air ducts. With the vent grills brushed clean, the ventilation system can be turned back on.

With an added bonus that a clean ventilation system will need far less energy to run than a dirty one, the change in the air quality will be instantaneous.

We can advise on the regularity with which we should look at the indoor air quality and the air ducting. It can vary but we would suggest that if you are planning anything that can create extra dust such as redecoration, renovation or extension work that you include a check on the air ducts as part of the overall project once you have finished.

We are a service company relying on our reputation for promptness and efficiency. It is the main principle by which we have worked to build up a satisfied customer base and we are looking to increase that base all the time. We are only a call away and promise you our best attention because we want to add you to our list of happy customers.


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