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Dryer Duct Cleaning

Count on our professional dryer duct cleaning service for either residential or commercial applications. The service includes repairs and parts replacement if necessary.

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Without proper dryer duct cleaning on a regular basis, blockage can occur. This can not only leads to inefficient operation of the dryer, but can also pose a very high risk of house fire. You would not want to waste energy and risk damage to your property and possibly even injuries to the people who live in the house, so it is always better to learn all you can on how to prevent this situation. Dryer Duct Cleaning in California

Exhaust System Cleaning

If you notice that the clothes are too hot when the dryer finishes, this is a clear sign that cleaning is necessary. It is important for the duct to be inspected for damage first, and then the cleaning can begin. The lint is picked with the use of a special tool which does not leave fibers behind without scratching the surface. Once the accumulation has been completely removed, the exhaust system can operate at its full capacity once again.

Air Filter Cleaning

The air filter popularly known as lint trap needs thorough cleaning as well. It is all about taking the box out and extracting the lint accumulated inside by hand. Typically, there is no need for using any kind of tool for the job. However, it is possible to loosen up any sticky accumulation with a tool that cannot cause scratches.

Dryer Vent Repair

It is best if cleaning is preceded by inspection of the duct. Small tears, cracks and gaps can all make your duct less efficient, and thus more dangerous as it allows the dryer to release hot air outside. Gaps of all shapes and sizes require sealing with a material which has strong adhesive properties and high resistance to heat.

Vent Replacement

This is necessary when the damage is too great or the old duct is inefficient or dangerous given its design or make. The ideal duct is smooth, rigid, sturdy, dependable and durable. The shorter its length is the better. It requires secure fitting for ensuring optimal performance.

When the time for dryer vent cleaning and repair or replacement comes, hire our company to do the job accurately and swiftly. We have been in this business for years and offer a fully comprehensive service to all our customers. It does not matter what type of duct is used or how long it is. Call us at "Air Duct Cleaning Lafayette" to get the safety, convenience and energy efficiency that you require. Browse our website for more information on our services.

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