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Introduction to HVAC Air Duct Maintenance

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Introduction to HVAC Air Duct Maintenance

HVAC Air Duct Maintenance, Lafayette CA

The entire HVAC system requires proper maintenance to work safely and efficiently, but it is not uncommon for the ductwork to get the least amount of attention and care. This is certainly a mistake. With proper air duct maintenance, you will enjoy higher indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Find out what it includes.

It All Starts with the Filters

The job of the air filters is to trap particles which would otherwise go into the ductwork and get circulated around the house. Hence, with timely air filter cleaning and replacement, you can help the HVAC system work effectively in more ways than one. The classic disposable pleated filters should be replaced every three months and possibly more often if you have small children, allergy and asthma sufferers and/or pets at home. Permanent filters should be washed regularly and replaced when they come to the end of their useful life.

Detailed Inspection Is Essential

A close examination will reveal any damage to the ductwork in addition to accumulations of contaminants. Unfortunately, leaks are not uncommon, especially in older systems or ones with less durable ducts which are prone to damage. Air duct seal repair should help to eliminate the problem. If there is more serious damage, the duct itself will require fixing. When the damage is beyond repair, replacement will be the only solution. The sooner it’s implemented, the better.

Air Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing

Cleaning involves the removal of all contaminants present in the ductwork. These include dust, pollen and dirt and debris particles. Mold can be effectively removed with proper cleaning. The same applies to any pests which have infested the HVAC ductwork and have been exterminated.

Air duct sanitizing is practically disinfecting the surfaces. The antimicrobial effect means that there will be no germs, mold spores or any other microorganisms on the surfaces. This is essential for protection from disease. Without proper sanitizing, the air passing through the ducts will just take these microorganisms and spread them around the house.

Long-Term Protection

In some cases, the air ducts of the HVAC system may require long-term protection. It is typically needed when the conditions causing mold growth cannot be changed. The solution usually involves the setup of UV cleansers. They work to provide effective mold control by producing ultraviolet light which destroys the spores.


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