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Air Duct Replacement

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The HVAC ducts are responsible for ventilation in the house while those of the dryer exhaust system take the hot air out. They are all made to be strong and durable, but can be affected by various contaminants and suffer considerable damage. When you notice even the slightest issue, you should resolve it as soon as possible.

Air Duct Cleaning

If there is more dust on indoor surfaces or there is an inexplicable increase of your energy bill, it is time to inspect the HVAC system. It will reveal any accumulations of dust, dirt and pollen and any mold and mildew growths as well. The accumulations are first loosened and then extracted with strong suction. The growths require treatment with specially-formulated materials. If there is a risk of future growth, sanitizing will help minimizing it. UV cleansers are very useful devices for this purpose, emitting UV light at short wavelengths to literally break down fungi, germs and bacteria.

Duct Repair

The inspection preceding the cleaning will reveal any damage to the ductwork. Small gaps can often be sealed with the use of airtight material resistant to damage. If the coating is damaged, it needs to be repaired. Usually, the addition of an extra layer should produce good results.

Duct Replacement

There are different reasons why HVAC ductwork replacement may be required - too many holes letting air and contaminants in, surface damaged by mold or another kind of microbial growth, low-quality material and extensive wearing. You need to get ducts which are strong, durable and resistant to damage. The first step of the replacement project involves the removal of the old ducts. The new ones should be set firmly into place ensuring that there are no gaps for air to leak and for contaminants to come in. Dryer vent replacement is very similar.

Air Filter Cleaning

It is best if the entire HVAC system receives thorough cleaning when the new ducts are installed. This is particularly important for the air filters. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely. If the filters are in poor condition, they should be changed.

When it is time for duct replacement, let us do the project. Our company has extensive experience and expertise in the cleaning, repairing and changing of air ducts belonging to HVAC systems and exhaust systems such as those of dryers and kitchen range hoods. It does not matter how large or complex the network of ducts is. The job will be completed professionally in the shortest possible time. Our replacement service is fully comprehensive and includes assistance with choosing the best new ducts. Call us at Air Duct Cleaning Lafayette or send a message anytime !


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