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The truth is that most people living in California spend many hours outdoors since the weather is beautiful and makes possible outdoor activities.

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The health of our customers deeply concerns us. For this reason, we keep investing in our expertise and machinery in order to provide effective air duct cleaning services. We are duct specialists and promise to remove dust, dirt but also allergens from the inner duct parts. The service is carried out by experienced cleaners, who also provide air duct maintenance. This way, you can always be sure of your health. We also clean air filters and promise to replace them fast. We offer dryer vent cleaning and replacement and are specialists in the cleaning and repair services related to the HVAC unit. If you suspect energy loss, allow us to check the condition of your air ducts. Little cracks can do damage. We can seal them. We excel in air duct repair and also have the equipment and knowhow to replace them.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Lafayette

Although, people have started to appreciate the value of nature, they are still obliged to spend most of their time inside confined spaces. They are found in banks, schools, offices, stores, hospitals or homes and, sometimes, the only communication with the outside environment is possible through the air ducts of the HVAC system. Our company is many years in the air duct cleaning business and we know that the quality of the indoor atmosphere in all places plays a tremendous importance to your health while the regular maintenance contributes to the reduction of energy consumption needed for temperature regulation.

The common characteristic among public buildings and huge business establishments is that the HVAC systems are working all day long. Moreover, businesses that use dryers, like the hotels and the dry cleaners, consumer huge amounts of energy for their constant operation. There are also many restaurants where the air ducts and vents can remove the bad smells from the kitchen and the remains of food. All these ducts need regular commercial dryer vent cleaning and frequent inspection for possible damages, which may keep the appliances from working properly. These procedures can be taken care by Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Lafayette with reasonable cost and thorough work.

Commercial air duct cleaning professionals

It would be very easy to complete these procedures with a simple vacuum cleaner but, unfortunately, the good cleaning and maintenance of air ducts require more complicated procedures and special tools for the proper removal of the dirt. Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Lafayette has the best cleaners and technicians in its workforce that they won’t only clean perfectly the air ducts and vents, but will also repair any damages since they are aware of the specifications of each system. At the same time, they can detect mistakes in installation, check the condition of the insulation materials and examine whether the sealing of the air ducts is proper and good. When they find minimum or no insulation at all and the air ducts are not sealed well at their connections, they will try to repair them and install new materials. In case, they are too distorted and decayed, they will suggest new installation from scratch planned according to the latest recommendations and specifications as well as the demands of your own property.

Apart from saving energy, the indifference to take care of the air ducts and the poor maintenance may provoke accidents and, in fact, many fires have started from poorly maintained dryers with air ducts and dryer vents not well cleaned. If you are interested for a dryer vent cleaning business, our company is the ideal one because it can maintain your equipment, take out of the picture the possibility of an accident and help your company take a deep financial breath. The same importance lies with restaurant dryer vent cleaning since it can keep the atmosphere at your business clean contributing to its further growth.

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